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After builders cleaning service is suitable for those who had refurbished/redecorated or have just finished building their premises in Hampstead. Building contractors and businesses related to real estates will also appreciate the efficiency of this cleaning solution.
The number of Hampstead cleaners and hours they should be hired for is up to the client to decide but the property’s size and condition must be considered.
For furnished properties in Hampstead, the After Builders cleaning could be combined with additional services such as Upholstery Cleaning and/or Professional Carpet/Rug Cleaning.

After Builders cleaning by Hampstead Cleaners is a professional cleaning service. After a home restoration, extensions and a myriad of building works we can provide excellent deep cleaning of the property. Our cleaners are appropriately trained, knowledgeable and skilled, offering cleaning services of highest quality.
Cleaners Hampstead is responsible for providing the equipment and detergents required for this type of cleaning and these are included into the price.

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The After Builders Cleaning service includes:

– removing what’s left after the building work
– professional cleaning of floors’ surfaces, dusting, getting rid of markings left by plaster or fresh paint
– removing the leftover debris, plaster and fresh paint from  windows, window-frames and sills
– cleaning doorways, door frames, wainscoting, skirting boards, fittings, electrical sockets and switches
– removing spots of the ceilings (when reachable using standard equipment) and walls
– thorough cleaning of all rooms and relevant fixtures (cabinets, shelves, etc.)
– sprucing up all surfaces within the bathroom and kitchen
– de liming and de scaling of bathroom and kitchen tiles
– polishing wooden floors and surfaces (if required)
– professional cleaning of toilets, bath tubs, sinks, showers along with other bathroom fittings
– professional cleaning of all types of flooring and stairs

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